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"This is what it means to be alive - to connect with people. To face your fears, to be afraid, and to do it anyway."

In August of 2009 singer William McCarthy’s younger brother James, in the midst of a lengthy incarceration on charges of attempted murder, was found dead of an apparent suicide inside Napa State Hospital.  Just one week later, McCarthy’s band Pela imploded, leaving both him and band mate Eric Sanderson devastated, in financial ruin, and with a half-finished album that may never see the light of day.

RISE: The Story of Augustines chronicles the journey of two men who faced their demons, refused to fall and established a lifelong brotherhood as they struggled to finish their seminal debut record, all while trying to maintain their own sanity and pay tribute to James. McCarthy’s songwriting during the toughest year of his life would come to be known as his defining work. The album Rise Ye Sunken Ships stands as a testament both to the pain of loss and the celebration of life.  The two resurfaced with a new name, Augustines and, together with drummer Robert Allen, who shepherded William and Eric through their darkest of times, rose up to become one of the most celebrated independent bands in the world. 

This is a truly compelling story of struggle, perseverance, brotherhood and hope. 



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